Maria Castanares

Author of Ellie’s Journal and Avalon’s Vault.


Ellie’s Journal

This is an adventure story about a mortal teenager named Emily Castle and her immortal vampire-with-a-soul father Daniel Sangelos, who set out on a journey to find Emily’s mother, named Ellie. Ellie was thought to have died years ago; however…

Avalon’s Vault

This is a sequel to the book Ellie’s Journal. The story continues three and half years after Emily is brought back to life by Serena. Emily’s life along with her family’s life have become normal over the years. Her parents Daniel and Ellie are…


The execution of the storytelling here is of superb quality, but what will certainly pull readers in the first place is the interesting settings and genre crossings that make up this story’s DNA.

About me

Maria Castanares

I was born with the name Maria Erma Castanares. And, although I originated from the Philippines I have lived my entire life as a Canadian writer from Windsor, Ontario. I am a mother to two independent and warm hearted young adults as well as an aunt to two active nieces.

I have been writing since I was 13. My interest in writing varied from poetry, stories, speeches, musical lyrics and music. My first novel was written during my time off while on maternity leave. It only took 6 months to write the book, however, it took 16 years before I decided to publish.

I believe with time you can always grow and develop yourself. Most times though you will need to have belief in yourself. The next step from there is a simple leap of faith.

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